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Diamondback Bullet Orientation Sensor (DBOS) ™


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The Diamondback Bullet Orientation Sensor, DBOS for short, is the first sensor available from the Immortal Arms SnakeEyes Sensor System.

The DBOS is only available for the AmmoBot system.

The DBOS checks each case that enters the station for a properly oriented bullet. If no bullet is detected, the DBOS halts the AmmoBot.

The DBOS detects possible case feeder errors by watching the number of cases passing by it and if it detects more than eight empty passes, it halts the machine.

The DBOS is a plug and play sensor for the Rev2 and Rev 3, but will require you to update your software on Rev 2 to at least 3.9.3.

The DBOS comes with a mount, interface unit, sensor head and calibration device.

The mount works with all accessories and sensors available for the AmmoBot. If you have an ImmortoBot drop chute, a modification must be made to accommodate the mount.

The interface unit allows the DBOS to connect directly to the AmmoBot. It supports the DBOS and the future Spitting Cobra sensor. It also provides the ability to daisy chain additional sensors and accessories like the AmmoBot Case Extractor.

DiamondBack Installation Manual

Type 06, please contact us for commercial pricing.

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Joe Claflin
The DBOS is amazing in it’s ability to coordinate with the ammobot to sense bullets that are base up or missing and immediately stop the Ammo Bot. The DBOS is very reliable in it’s function. It so improves the AmmoBot system that the sensor is a truely a must have for loading quality ammo. How did I live without the DBOS? It’s like a third set of eyes. I would not do without the DBOS!


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