Something new is on the way!

Commercial and DC Rollsizers are currently not available. The prices will be going up on these in January. Currently, the only option to have them shipped via air freight from Australia due to port holdups here in the US...yes, there are a couple of pallets taking a grand tour of the CA coastline right now.
Add in some more hits...the CFU Pro prices have increased..a lot. Parts have skyrocketed 20-50% and a major component is a chip that is effected by the shortage, so when we have used up existing stock they will not be available until that part is manufactured again. The chip shortage has also caused us to delay the Snake Charmer Sensor Control until the situation stablizes. #FJB

WE have temporarily removed some products from the site. Some products have become so hard to source that we have had to stop taking in any more orders for them for the time being.

For our customers not located in the United States, please contact us to receive a quote for shipping to your location. (Alaska and Hawaii need to do the same..sorry, carriers treat you like foreign countries)

If your shipping and billing addresses are different at checkout, our fraud prevention system will give you an error. You don't need to submit again. We will see it and manually approve the charge and get your items processed. We have instituted this check to further protect our customers online transactions.



Is $2100 a lot of money to you? It is to us. That is how much you save with the ImmortoBot system over the competitors offering.

MinBot Rev 2 finally available