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Like every other business today, we are heavily effected by current events. We have been backlogged on order delivery since late November due to a number of factors including election changes in our home state of Virginia and COVID (which caused a huge disruption in supply chains starting in January). We are shipping out items as fast as we can. Some items may appear in stock because we haven't been able to keep up with the website as much as we would like. Right now, there are a few items that are out, but projected to be in very the 1100 and CP are not on that list.
Please be patient. We do provide tracking via email for almost all items (some small items go out via standard USPS). If you provided us a fake email on your account, then your tracking information will not get to you. If you are using a different name on your account then the name you email us under, then it will be very hard to look at the status of your account without including the order number in the email. We usually get to the email and messages late in the evening after all building and packaging activities are finished in the shop.
SUPPORT THE VCDL AND FIREARMS POLICY COALITION! Click on the picture to purchase your stickers with all proceeds going to these organizations in the fight against the attempts by the Commonwealth to infringe on our inalienable rights.

Stay tuned for news and announcements.

For our customers not located in the United States, please contact us to receive a quote for shipping to your location. (Alaska and Hawaii need to do the same..sorry, carriers treat you like foreign countries)

Yes, RL1100s are up on the website...yes, they are shipping....yes, they are already backordered. Expect 5-6 weeks on delivery.

If your shipping and billing addresses are different at checkout, our fraud prevention system will give you an error. You don't need to submit again. We will see it and manually approve the charge and get your items processed. We have instituted this check to further protect our customers online transactions.
Payment plan available. Up to three months (There will be a $35 fee that must be paid with your last payment.)

Yes, we are a full line Dillon dealer. If you need something you don't see here, please email us at and we will provide a quote.

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