We held off as long as possible, but they are here now.

Stay tuned for news and announcements.

Due to the large volume of orders we have had since November, AmmoBots are currently backordered 4-6 weeks. DBOS sensors are about 2.5-3 weeks backordered as well. We are building as fast as we can :)

We are now carrying aftermarket toolheads for the 1050. These are CNC milled with a bunch of features not found on the stock Dillon part. CNC Shooter Super 1050 Toolhead

For our overseas customers, check out this service Shipito. It will save you on your shipping.

Speaking of shipping. We have turned on a flat rate shipping option ($10). We are working to find the best shipping method to reduce costs to our customers and will leave this on until we have it completely functional in the system.

ALL BACKORDERED PRODUCTS USUALLY SHIP WITHIN A WEEK. The exception is the actual AmmoBot as they are built to order. Currently, AmmoBots ship within 2 weeks.
Immortal Arms ™ and AmmoBot ® have partnered to bring you the reloading deal to end all deals. AmmoBot ® Dillon 1050 Auto Drive, Mr. Bullet Feeder, and a Dillon Super 1050 -- THE IMMORTOBOT ™ starting at $3794! Come get yours!

You like sensors? the ImmortoBot ™ comes standard with the Low Primer sensor.

Need more? The Diamondback Bullet Orientation Sensor, DBOS for short. Catches missing and upside down bullets. It even catches them if they fall off once in the station.

The AmmoBot ® Primer Pocket Probe is available. Find those small/crimped primer pockets BEFORE you smash a new primer in there.

The AmmoBot ® Case Extractor is available for sale now. Watch the installation video to see how this capability works to save you headaches with ringered brass or small primer pocket 45ACP. here

The new Berdan Primer Sensor is now available if you are using the Lee Universal decapping or sizing dies.

Low powder hopper sensor...we got it right here

How about a Powder Check Sensor

There are more coming so stay tuned.

Already have a 1050, here is the Mini ImmortoBot ™ package starting at $2039

Just need an AmmoBot ® Dillon 1050 Auto Drive, we have the best pricing out there. $1375

Payment plan available. Up to three months (There will be a $35 fee that must be paid with your last payment.)

Yes, we are a full line Dillon dealer. If you need something you don't see here, please email us at sales@immortobot.com and we will provide a quote.

Type 06 FFLs. Please contact us for special pricing.

Military, Veterans and Law Enforcement. Special pricing available, please contact us for details.

Drop Chute AmmoBot ImmortoBot


Is $2100 a lot of money to you? It is to us. That is how much you save with the ImmortoBot system over the competitors offering.

MinBot Rev 2 finally available