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Immortal Arms ™ ImmortoBot Guide Pin Bushing (GPIB)


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The Immortal Arms Guide Pin Bushing (GPIB) replaces the Dillon toolhead spring and keeps the guide pin aligned with the frame.
As many know, the 1050 toolhead will "torque" around the shaft at the top of the stroke. This behavior can result in damaged or destroyed brass due to die and shellplate misalignment.
The GPIB has been designed to keep the guide pin captured and aligned during high speed AmmoBot runs. It is made from nickel plated brass. The nickel provides a natural lubricity that is unharmed by the use of grease on the pin.
Installation is very simple. Remove the toolhead from the press. Remove the toolhead spring. Leave the spring bushing in the frame. Place the thin spacer over the opening in the frame for the guide pin, place the GPIB on the spacer. Using a wood scrap, tap the GPIB into the opening with a hammer until seated flush to the frame. The GPIB should not move easily, if at all, when seated fully. Replace the toolhead. Bring the the toolhead to its highest position and ensure the pin is centered in the GPIB. Tighten the toolhead bolt while maintaining pressure on the toolhead to keep the pin centered. (Tightening at the bottom of the stroke allows the toolhead to torque to the left causing the entire toolhead to twist at the top of the stroke).
As an added benefit, toolhead swaps are made easier by the GPIB, only requiring the removal of the toolhead bolt. The toolhead can then be lifted right off without requiring any disassembly of the priming system or twisting around of the head.
We have tested the GPIB with both stock toolheads and the CNC toolhead we carry. They both have plenty of clearance in the down position while holding the pin inside the GPIB to keep it aligned.
We now include a bottle of Loctite 680 with the bushing. Some frames have a larger pocket and the bushing can work loose or not seat firmly at all. If you encounter this, follow the directions on the bottle to lock the bushing into the frame. THIS CAN BE VERY HARD TO REMOVE ONCE DONE. GPIB

These videos show the GPIB without the spacer installed.
  • Model: IAGPIB
  • 5 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Immortal Arms

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